The Tapir Project

An easy-to-use and extensible framework for OSINT, Tapir is the next iteration of EAR. Its modular architecture allows you to easily write tasks to gather reconnaissance inforamation off the web. It's meant to be deployed locally, but take a look at the code and the demo site.

Here's a presentation that talks through the problem space of OSINT. It's a work in progress, this version was given at the ISec Open Forum in Austin Texas (August 2013). The topics covered include a definition of OSINT, state of the union of Automated OSINT, discussion of Databrokers (including some FAIL), and a brief overview of tools such as Palantir and Maltego. The talk concluded with a live demo of Tapir.

And here is a previous version of the presentation given in 2012 at BeaCon (Masshackers) in Boston. Watch a video of this presentation here.

The Barcelona Project

A presentation and automation project demoed by jcran and kernelsmith at Source Barcelona 2011, this project focused on metasploit automation. Take a look at the presentation and the code.

The Tuna Project

The tuna project was an exercise in focused data gathering. We sent guaranteed-to-bounce emails to the top (half-) million domains, and gathered all the data bounced back from the mailservers. Take a look at the code,the slides, and the data.